Friday, 22 March 2002

Bush Concert Review

Concert Review By Kelly Ladd
Now this was a rock concert! Before Bush even played the first note, there was a buzz from their fans. I overheard people saying that this was their third, fourth, fifth time rockin' to their favorite band and after what I witnessed at Hard Rock Live, it sure won't be their last. Gavin and the gang, featuring special guest Sasha Puttnam on keyboards and guitarist Chris Travnor standing in for Nigel as he spends time with his new baby, took the venue by storm. The fury didn't let up until it was the last song of the encore and the band left the stage. The high-energy show started off with a girl crowd surfing on the first note Gavin sang. Almost immediately and not stopping until the last song, copycat crowd surfers rode the waves of the fans.If people didn't surrender by the end of the first song of the night, they shouldn't even have come. Gavin's sexy voice, his and Chris' invigorating riffs and wah-wahs, and Dave Parsons' bass line were hypnotizing. Fans couldn't keep their eyes off the stage, especially Gavin and what Rolling Stone called his "burdensome good looks." During their famous song, "Everything Zen," Gavin appeared on the balcony and with his tour manager and security guards in tow, ran to the center of the upper deck so everyone could see him. As he sang and played guitar, a blonde girl who he just happened to stand next to as he rocked, started rubbing on his chest and hanging all over him. The bodyguards ripped her off of him. Gavin didn't flinch; she was no Gwen Stefani. Sweating, smiling and struggling to get away from his groping fans, Gavin made his way back down to the stage. Other highlights of the night included "Machinehead," "Fugitive," "The People That We Love," and "Superman." Fans didn't want to "Come down" off of this cloud and wouldn't leave until they received an encore. Doubtful that they were going to leave their fans hanging, Bush returned with "Glycerine," "Swallowed," the Cars cover "Just What I Needed" and "Little Things." With Bush around, rock 'n' roll will never die!Set List"Solutions""The Chemicals Between Us" "The People That We Love"
"Everything Zen"
"Headful of Ghosts"
"Greedy Fly"
"Out of This World"
"Just What I Needed" (Cars cover)
"Little Things"

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